Coachella 2013 Preview

What better way to get acclimated with the bands that will be there other than to put on a playlist and listen to it over and over?

There are some really good bands that I’m looking forward to seeing. To name a few in no particular order: Modest Mouse, Earl Sweatshirt, The XX, Knife Party, Passion Pit, James Blake, WU TANG CLAN (AHHHHH), The Lumineers, Grizzly Bear, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric and Of Monsters And Men AND WU TANG CLAN (because Wu Tang Clan!).

Here are a few videos with an Rdio playlist at the end of the post to get you going:

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Proposals 0.3

Included in this release is commenting functionality. We felt it was crucial to add commenting so a client and company could add notes and messages directly to a proposal and be able to see the entire discussion history in one place.

Aside from adding commenting, we made a few bug fixes, notably how emails were not being sent upon the initial save after adding an email address.

You can find the plugin at the proposals page.

Proposals Plugin

I recently released a plugin in the WordPress plugin repository that allows you to create and send proposals to clients, all within the WordPress dashboard. All actions are managed within a custom post type, including clients name, preparer name, the proposal itself, as well as the content for a brief email that is sent to a client. The plugin page can be found here which has a link to the download page and the support page.

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Convert Hexadecimal to RGBA

When working with WordPress you sometimes have to make accommodations in your code. I came across one of these today when working with WordPress Theme Customization API. It has a great built-in color picker control which allows users to select a color from an easy-to-use interface.

The problem I ran into was that it output a hexadecimal value. Normally this isn’t a problem. Unfortunately, I wanted rgba. I had set up a second setting – a text input – which allowed a user to input an opacity. This is the fourth value in rgba. So I needed a way to convert the 6-digit hexadecimal into a 4-value rgba format.
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“A Philosophy of Restraint” by Simon Collison

We’ve just started using slideshows lately, and one of our favourites to date has been Simon Collison’s slideshow on “A Philosophy of Restraint”. If you like aesthetically pleasing and informative articles, give this a go. Has some great points and is easy on the eyes.