Proposals Plugin

I recently released a plugin in the WordPress plugin repository that allows you to create and send proposals to clients, all within the WordPress dashboard. All actions are managed within a custom post type, including clients name, preparer name, the proposal itself, as well as the content for a brief email that is sent to a client. The plugin page can be found here which has a link to the download page and the support page.

I created Proposals for a couple reasons. Mainly I got frustrated with word processors and Google Docs not formatting Rolling Lab proposals properly, and sending malformed PDFs via email. The solution was to house everything within WordPress where I could write HTML which I’m far more comfortable and precise with.

Additionally, I plan on adding comments so that you can keep your conversations out of email, and within a comment thread. I love the functionality of Basecamp that allows you to see a conversation thread on a website, instead of having to sift through emails or trying to find archived or deleted emails. Look for comments to be in place by the end of the month.

I should note that the plugin is still only at version 0.2 and isn’t at 1.0 yet. I wanted to get something release to see how people used it. Comments and some code refactoring will go a long way to making this 1.0-ready.

If you download it and come across any problems, please post a message on the support forum so I can monitor any bugs. If you have any other questions or feature requests, please tweet at us, @rollinglab, or email us directly,