During Development – Apps Our Developers Use


Generally when developing WordPress themes or plugins, we like to use Coda 2. It is a great application for developing on a Mac and in the PHP and front-end environment. Live CSS refresh, PHP/HTML/CSS auto-complete, built-in FTP, code highlighting, it has almost everything except the kitchen sink.

Check it out at http://panic.com/coda/


Ahhh, good old terminal. Now you may ask why are you using Terminal still? The reason being is that it does so much. It compiles SASS files, manages git, and easily transverses and modifies file systems. That and it lets you quickly create scripts. So instead of having Codekit to compile SASS, Tower for Git, etc, we like to keep it all in one Terminal window.

This is also a by-product of doing Ruby on Rails development, where most Rails commands are quickly entered into the Terminal (scaffolding, generating, Rake, etc).


Not much of an argument on this one. MAMP handles our Apache, PHP, and MySQL when developing locally. Can be found here.


Why Chrome? It’s fast, looks good, has a good developer following in the number of extensions available (you’ll see in a sec), and is made by Google (<3). Built on Webkit and V8, Chrome is lightning quick and generally supports most new technology in terms of CSS3 and HTML5.

Adobe Edge Inspect

This one we’re conflicted on. It’s not perfect yet, especially in WordPress when developing on localhost it causes some issues. But that being said, it’s great for testing your layouts on different devices without having to manually refresh and navigate each device. Just download the appropriate software, link the devices to your computer over WiFi, and the devices will display webpages that you visit on your computer. Pretty slick if you ask me.


Probably the one app I can’t live without on this list. It has hands-down amazing. The only real fault is that some artists are still unavailable (I’m looking at you, Led Zeppelin). But that’s mostly because the artists are being a**holes about licensing fees, and not really Rdios fault. It has a great web app, desktop app, mobile app, etc. It’s subscription based, but at $9.99/month for web and mobile access, you can’t really go wrong.